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What Does the Spinal Cord Do?

April 1, 2019
You’ve probably heard about your spinal cord before. This part of your body is massively important, which is why you should know what it does! Read on to discover the role it plays in your daily life.
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What Are The Different Types of Knee Injuries?

March 4, 2019
Knee injuries are much more common than most people think. Here are some of the top knee injuries we see at Mid-Atlantic Orthopedic Associates. If you suffer from one of these, come in and see us for relief.

How to Tell if You Broke or Sprained Your Ankle

February 4, 2019
Most of us have done it at some point: moved the wrong way or landed wrong from a fall or jump and ended up hurting our ankle.

Signs You May Need Hip Replacement Surgery

January 1, 2019
Does the use of a walking aid like a cane no longer alleviate your hip pain? Do you find yourself losing mobility and sleep because of joint stiffness?

Best Ways to Prevent Injuries in the Winter

December 3, 2018
As the colder temperatures and snowy weather begin to set in, it’s time once again to talk about personal injury prevention in the winter.

Dangers of Bone Fractures if Left Untreated

November 1, 2018
If you break a bone, it’s imperative that you get it treated. Regardless of where the fracture took place in the body, the stress of a broken bone can be quite substantial, which means that you have to act sooner rather than later.
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