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If you experience painful and damaging conditions like rotator cuff injury, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, or wrist pain, orthopedic hand and upper extremity surgery can restore normal function and feeling. At Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP, in East Brunswick, New Jersey, the team of board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons stands ready to help with all types of hand and upper extremity injuries and conditions. 

If you experience a hand and upper extremity injury, call Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP, today or schedule a consultation online.

Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery Q&A

What conditions require hand and upper extremity surgery?

Many different injuries and issues can affect the hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Because this area includes so many working parts, surgery may be the only way to balance all the bones and tissues to restore function. Some common conditions that require hand or upper extremity surgery include:


Bone fractures often occur in the forearm, upper arm, elbow, and collarbone. These fractures may not heal on their own, especially if they’re displaced, where the bones don’t line up anymore. Surgery can restore alignment and end pain and function problems. 

Shoulder injuries

Rotator cuff injuries, bone spurs, loose bodies in the shoulder joint, and ligament damage are some of the most common reasons you may need shoulder surgery. 

Recurring shoulder dislocation can also cause serious functional problems, and thus surgical repair might be the best choice for a full recovery. With most shoulder injuries, arthroscopy is an effective and minimally invasive surgical solution.  

Shoulder joint wear-and-tear

If you have a chronic rotator cuff injury, a severe fracture, or joint damage from arthritis, a shoulder joint replacement can restore the damaged sections of the joint using biocompatible prosthetics. 

If you have serious shoulder damage secondary to a large rotator cuff tear, a reverse shoulder replacement could be the answer. It reverses the normal ball-and-socket structure to stabilize your shoulder even though your rotator cuff isn’t functional. 

Golf and tennis elbow pain

If you’re experiencing golf or tennis elbow that is resistant to conservative measures, your surgeon can remove the damaged section of your elbow area tendon during minimally invasive surgery. This can restore normal function without pain.

Elbow pain

Generalized elbow pain can sometimes be addressed using elbow arthroscopy, where your surgeon can release scar tissue, extract loose cartilage, or resurface bones using minimally invasive techniques. This can ease the pain as well as improve joint movement. 

Wrist joint wear-and-tear

If your wrist pain is the result of joint deterioration caused by arthritis, injury, or some other reason, a wrist joint replacement can restore the joint to complete function using a biocompatible prosthetic joint. 

Wrist pain

Some of the most common causes of wrist pain include ligament tears, ganglion cysts, and fractures. Minimally invasive techniques can remove damaged tissue, reconnect torn tissue, and realign fractures using tiny incisions, with minimal scarring.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

A carpal tunnel release cuts the ligament that compresses your median nerve. This gives your median nerve more room and eases pressure, swelling, and pain. 

Many other problems may require hand and upper extremity surgery, as well. The best way to know if you need surgery is a consultation at Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates.

When do I need hand and upper extremity surgery?

If you’re experiencing any type of chronic hand and upper extremity problems, particularly those that cause ongoing pain, nonsurgical treatments are usually the first option. In some cases, options like bracing, splinting, short-term medication, physical therapy, and steroid injections can ease your pain and allow you to heal. 

If you still have serious pain after trying more conservative treatments, or if you experience any kind of severe hand or upper extremity trauma, surgery could be the best choice. 

When you’re dealing with hand and upper extremity pain, it’s important to know that pain in this area isn’t normal. This type of pain can change the way you function. You may resist doing normal activities like writing, driving, self-grooming, and more. 

Ignoring hand and upper extremity pain can lead to permanent disability, so it’s best to call your doctor at Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP,  or click the online scheduler for help now.

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