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How Surgery Can Repair Problems in Your Hands and Wrists

October 1, 2019
Our hands are important to everything we do in life. Without proper function, we can’t easily eat, dress, work, or do other tasks and activities. This is why it is important we take care of them.

How Fall Weather Affects Your Joints

September 2, 2019
Joint pain is something that affects millions of people all over the world, and for many of them, relief of any kind is a blessing.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis and When You Should Seek Treatment

August 1, 2019
When we’re young, our body replaces bone material at a fast rate. This constant renewal keeps our bones healthy and strong. As we age, this replacement rate slows down to the point where we can actually start to lose bone mass.

When You Should See a Doctor for Hip Pain

July 2, 2019
Developing some type of hip pain is pretty common as you get older. Joints don’t work like they used to, and there is always the chance you are starting to develop minor arthritis.

Hand and Wrist Injuries You’ll Want a Doctor to Look At

June 3, 2019
Wrist and hand fractures are some of the most common injuries that we treat. As some of the most frequently used parts of the body, your hands and wrists are prone and susceptible to various types of chronic and acute pain.

Common Foot Injuries That Could Lead to Surgery

May 1, 2019
It’s impossible to exaggerate the importance of our feet. These body parts literally take us everywhere we need to go, and when something is not right with your foot it doesn’t take that long to figure it out.
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