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Life After a Hip Replacement

Hip replacements can be a life-saver, especially for those who have been suffering from pain for a long time. Here’s how you can speed up the healing process and maximize the results of a hip replacement.

Apr 1st, 2022
Getting Back to Your Sport After Surgery

Have you been resting for a while after an injury, and are you itching to get active again? Our experts explain what steps you can take to speed up recovery and ensure you don’t get injured again.

Feb 1st, 2022
Common Causes of Knee Dislocation

Knee dislocations are painful, but can they be avoided? Read on to find out what may increase your risk of having knee bones pop out of place.

Dec 1st, 2021
Who Can Benefit from Knee Surgery?

Do you suffer from chronic knee pain that won’t go away with conservative treatments? Read this article to find out if you’re a good candidate for knee surgery.

Sep 1st, 2021
Signs Your Carpal Tunnel Is in Trouble

Do you experience pain, numbness, or weakness in your hand or fingers? Read on to find out if your carpal tunnel could be the cause of your symptoms.

Aug 17th, 2021
What is Arthrosis and How Can You Treat It

Do you suffer from joint pain and stiffness? It could be arthrosis, also known as osteoarthritis, a common type of arthritis. Find out what could be causing your symptoms, and learn about the available treatments for the condition.

Jul 20th, 2021
Who is a Candidate for Spine Surgery?

Spine surgery isn’t always the answer to spine discomfort and pain. However, some patients truly benefit from one of the procedures under this umbrella, which is why you should consider if you might be a good candidate for spine surgery.

Jun 30th, 2021
Signs of a Rotator Cuff Injury

If your shoulder hurts or is weak, is a rotator cuff injury to blame? In this blog, our team describes three types of rotator cuff injuries, how to spot the signs, and how we treat rotator cuff tears.

May 26th, 2021
Guarding Against Common Hand and Wrist Injuries

Your hands give you the ability to interact with the world. Whether creating a masterpiece or reaching out to those you love, hands provide connections to what is valued most. It is vital to keep your hands in optimal working condition.

Feb 5th, 2021
Five Common Causes of Hip Pain

You never realize how much you rely on your hips functioning the way they should until one or both of them hurt. Suddenly, everyday tasks are difficult or even impossible to manage.

Jan 1st, 2021
When Should You Worry About Lower Back Pain

Everyone, at some point in their life, experiences lower back pain, whether mild or severe. We don't always know when the pain requires medical attention, or just some stretches and painkillers.

Nov 6th, 2020
Are You At Risk For Spinal Injuries?

Unfortunately, spinal injuries are very common and can occur quite easily. About 200,000 people live with spinal injuries in the United States today.

Sep 4th, 2020
The Difference between a Break and Fracture

You may have heard people talk about bone fractures and broken bones. The terms are actually interchangeable and both refer to a bone that has been shattered, often by excessive force.

Aug 7th, 2020
Most Common Injuries in the Summer

Warm days and sunny skies entice us to be outside. The long days of summer give us an excuse to stay outside for long periods of time doing all sorts of activities.

Jul 3rd, 2020
Are You At Risk For Knee Injury?

The knee is one of the most common body parts to be injured. Even if you are extremely careful, you still could be at risk for knee injuries depending on how active you are and if you have any pre-existing conditions.

Jun 2nd, 2020
Playing Tennis After A Shoulder Injury

Fewer things bug an athlete more than an injury. The worst, of course, comes when you injure a body part that is one of the main appendages you use in your sport.

May 3rd, 2020
How to Prevent Slips and Falls During Wet Weather

The rainy season is coming up, and it won’t be long before the roads and the pavements are slick as an ice skating rink. Just one misplaced step and you could seriously injure yourself,...

Apr 3rd, 2020
Tips to Avoid Skiing Injuries During Winter

Some say that you can’t have fun without a little bit of risk, and for skiing, that might be true. Skiing is an enormously exciting activity, but there's always going to be some danger involved.

Mar 23rd, 2020
How to Prepare for Orthopedic Surgery

Having orthopedic surgery? Not to worry, orthopedic surgery is an incredibly safe procedure done by well trained specialists. However, it can still be intimidating, especially if you’re unprepared for the operation.

Feb 3rd, 2020
How to Shovel Snow Without Injuring Yourself

During the winter months, you will often need to wake up early before work to shovel the snow that has accumulated overnight on your driveway. While shoveling snow is often seen as just another simple chore, there are serious risks involved.

Jan 1st, 2020
Workers Compensation NJ: How Does it Work?

Workers compensation has long been an efficient method of both guaranteeing employees reimbursement for lost income after a job related injury or illness as well as providing for any associated medical expenses.

Dec 2nd, 2019
How Fall Weather Affects Your Joints

Joint pain is something that affects millions of people all over the world, and for many of them, relief of any kind is a blessing. From stiff fingers to inflamed knees to swollen elbows,...

Sep 2nd, 2019
Symptoms of Osteoporosis and When You Should Seek Treatment

When we’re young, our body replaces bone material at a fast rate. This constant renewal keeps our bones healthy and strong. As we age, this replacement rate slows down to the point where we can actually start to lose bone mass.

Aug 1st, 2019
When You Should See a Doctor for Hip Pain

Developing some type of hip pain is pretty common as you get older. Joints don’t work like they used to, and there is always the chance you are starting to develop minor arthritis.

Jul 2nd, 2019
Hand and Wrist Injuries You'll Want a Doctor to Look At

Wrist and hand fractures are some of the most common injuries that we treat. As some of the most frequently used parts of the body, your hands and wrists are prone and susceptible to various types of chronic and acute pain.

Jun 3rd, 2019
Common Foot Injuries That Could Lead to Surgery

It’s impossible to over exaggerate the importance of our feet. These body parts literally take us everywhere we need to go, and when something is not right with your foot it doesn’t take that long to figure it out.

May 1st, 2019
What Does the Spinal Cord Do?

You’ve probably heard about your spinal cord before. This part of your body is massively important, which is why you should know what it does!

Apr 1st, 2019
How to Tell if You Broke or Sprained Your Ankle

Most of us have done it at some point: moved the wrong way or landed wrong from a fall or jump and ended up hurting our ankle . Because of the weight put on this important area of our body...

Feb 4th, 2019
Signs You May Need Hip Replacement Surgery

Does the use of a walking aid like a cane no longer alleviate your hip pain? Do you find yourself losing mobility and sleep because of joint stiffness? If you can’t seem to get rid of pain, even when you are inactive, resting or in humid...

Jan 1st, 2019
Dangers of Bone Fractures if Left Untreated

If you break a bone, it’s imperative that you get it treated. Regardless of where the fracture took place in the body, the stress of a broken bone can be quite substantial,...

Nov 1st, 2018
Common Foot & Ankle Injuries You Should Be Aware Of

Your feet and ankles are home to about a fourth of all of your bones as well as numerous muscles, tendons and nerves. Each component of your feet and ankles works together to support your body and help you move comfortably throughout the day,...

Sep 3rd, 2018
What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by bones that have more empty spaces and less actual bone than is normal. The empty spaces result in a decrease in total bone mass, weakening the bones and making them fragile.

Aug 1st, 2018
What is a Bone Fracture?

Research shows the average person will have at least two bone fractures during their life. Although bone fractures are rather common, they are still quite misunderstood.

Jul 2nd, 2018
What You Need to Know About Hip Replacements

Hip discomfort can have a big impact on your ability to enjoy life. Simple everyday activities, such as getting out of the bed and walking to the mailbox, can become difficult.

May 1st, 2018
How to Keep Active if You Have a Broken Arm

A broken arm will definitely take some time to heal. However, simply sitting around being sedentary is not a good idea. Exercising regularly is among the most important aspects of maintaining good health.

Apr 2nd, 2018
Exercises that Help Strengthen Your Knees

Knee pain is a common problem, especially as people age. A sedentary lifestyle can aggravate knee problems by not allowing the joint and the muscles around it to strengthen.

Mar 1st, 2018
Exercises that help strengthen your shoulders

Strong shoulders are much more than just an attractive physical feature. There are many smaller muscles in the shoulder area that provide support and stability for the biceps and triceps.

Feb 1st, 2018
Full Hip Replacement: Do I Need One?

A total hip replacement is a serious operation. This type of surgery is very difficult and risky, and the recovery period is also long and arduous.

Dec 4th, 2017
Shoulder or Neck Pain? How to Tell the Difference

Pain specialists are often asked how to tell the difference between shoulder and neck pain. This is an important clinical question, and patients are also invested in understanding the difference between these two distinct types of problems.

Oct 2nd, 2017
Who is Most at Risk for Osteoporosis

There are more than 100 different types of arthritis, and it can affect people of all ages. The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Sep 4th, 2017
Three Signs That You Might Have Arthritis

There are more than 100 different types of arthritis, and it can affect people of all ages. The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Aug 1st, 2017
A Closer Look at Five Common Orthopedic Surgeries

When injuries or malformations are severe or conditions of the joints and musculoskeletal system don’t respond to conservative treatment, orthopedic surgery is an option that can often relieve pain and restore normal function. Here is a closer look a...

Jul 24th, 2017
Ways to protect yourself from developing arthritis

Arthritis is a health condition that inflicts thousands of people with pain and stiffness in the joints, especially among the elderly. Although there is a genetic component that can alter your likelihood of developing arthritis...

Jun 5th, 2017
What is the Best Surface to Run On?

The natural instinct of most runners is to head off on whatever surface is nearby. That could be the green grass of the neighborhood park, the wood chips that make up a local trail, the roads of the marathon that you've been...

May 2nd, 2017
Most Common Orthopedic Injuries

Each day, Your body makes a variety of movements. As bone, muscles, ligaments, and tendons become worn and damaged, you may develop certain ailments that require orthopedic care.

Apr 4th, 2017