February 1, 2022

Getting Back to Your Sport After Surgery

Have you been resting for a while after an injury, and are you itching to get active again? Our experts explain what steps you can take to speed up recovery and ensure you don’t get injured again.

Regardless of the injury you suffered, you’re probably wondering when it’s the right time to start playing sports again and what’s the best way to get started.

Our experts at Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates in East Brunswick, New Jersey treat a wide variety of sports injuries. Below, we asked them to share some tips on how to get back to a usual routine safely.

Ask a specialist if you’re ready to start training again

Different injuries have different healing timelines. Although you may feel great, it could be too soon to return to strenuous activities.

With some injuries, you may be capable of returning to your usual activities within weeks, but you may notice limitations in your movements for a couple of months.

Our experts test your reflexes and use imaging tests such as X-rays to determine whether your injury is fully healed or not.

Understand what caused the injury and work on preventing future injuries

Injuries are nearly inevitable when practicing sports, but there are still ways you can reduce your chances of getting hurt. Ask yourself if you’ve been training too hard or if wearing protective gear could have prevented your injury.

Your medical provider can also help you understand how to prevent future injuries.

Modify your workouts

An injury doesn’t always mean you can’t work out at all. If you have an injury in your legs, focus on strengthening your upper body while you heal.

Swimming can also be a good option for recovery. Water provides resistance, which strengthens your muscles, but it’s also gentle on the joints.

Eat more protein

Amino acids are the building blocks for muscle tissues and tendons. Diets low in protein are often associated with a higher risk of sports injuries.

Research suggests that protein not only stimulates muscle growth but also makes it harder for the body to store fat in the absence of excess calories. The most bioavailable sources of essential amino acids include eggs, dairy, lean meats, and fish.

Getting help for your sports injury

Pushing yourself too soon can worsen your injury and prolong your recovery time. Fortunately, imaging tests and clinical examinations make it easy for our specialists to determine the right time for you to return to your training routine.

Our specialists can also help speed up your recovery by putting together a customized rehabilitation plan. Contact us to schedule an appointment at our office in East Brunswick, New Jersey, and get expert advice with regard to your injury.

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