March 1, 2022

When Do You Need Knee Surgery?

Do you suffer from knee pain and mobility issues? Read on to find out if knee surgery could improve your symptoms.

Every year, about 600,000 Americans undergo knee replacement. Most people seek knee surgery because of severe arthritis of the knee. Other reasons for knee surgery include fractures of the ligaments, tendon tears, knee dislocations, bone spurs, and severely inflamed tissues.

Both partial and total knee replacements improve mobility and can reduce or eliminate pain. Below, our experts at Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates in East Brunswick, New Jersey, explain which signs to keep an eye out for when considering whether knee surgery is necessary.

Pain at rest

A ruptured ligament, torn cartilage, and arthritis of the knee can all cause debilitating pain that doesn’t always respond to bracing, medications, or physical therapy. If your pain persists even at rest, contact our team to find out whether surgery could be your best option.

Difficulty walking and climbing stairs

Stiffness, pain, and decreased mobility have a tremendous impact on daily life. If you’re struggling to walk and climb stairs, it may be time to consider knee surgery.

However, if you undergo a partial or full knee replacement, you can expect to walk again within eight weeks after your surgery. Physical therapy is usually recommended to recover the muscle lost during bed rest and strengthen the knees even further.

For total knee replacements, recovery may take up to a year. However, most patients report significant improvements in their pain, stiffness, and life quality.

Knee replacements can last anywhere between 15 and 20 years. If you have the replacement at a younger age, you can undergo a second surgical procedure to replace the worn-out knee replacements with new ones.

Symptoms that don’t respond to conservative treatments

Our experts at Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates use arthroscopic surgery, which is far less invasive than traditional surgery. However, surgery is always a last resort approach.

Before considering surgery, our experts will ask you what treatments and procedures you had in the past to control your symptoms, and they’ll determine if there are any other noninvasive treatments available for your situation.

If all conservative treatments fail, our experts may recommend knee surgery.

Find out if knee surgery is right for you

Good candidates for knee surgery don’t suffer from any conditions that may impair healing. They’re also dedicated to following a healthy lifestyle and undergoing physical therapy after the procedure.

Are you wondering if knee surgery can help improve your quality of life? If so, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our experts at Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates will review your medical history and examine your knee to let you know whether surgery is a good option for you.

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