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Montgomery Township occupies roughly 32 square miles between Sourland Mountain and the Millstone River. Montgomery Township, Somerset, NJ is all about community and Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates proudly serve the residents that call Montgomery Township home. With our extensive experience and expertise, we cater to numerous foot, ankle, knee, hip, and spine conditions.

Hand/Upper Extremity

Hands and upper extremities are vulnerable to painful conditions. Carpal tunnel, shoulder dislocations, and rotator cuff injuries are among a few. When plagued by these ailments, it can trigger immense discomfort and decreased sensation in the affected areas. We deliver specialized shoulder, elbow, and hand treatment options that reduce pain and promote normal function to lessen adverse side effects.

Back & Spine Injuries

Back problems can wreak serious havoc on your physical health, in addition to being painful. Neglecting ongoing discomfort can damage your joints and lead to additional health concerns. We recommend speaking with one of our professionals if you’re experiencing back pain. From disc replacements to cervical fusions, we offer a number of minimally-invasive spine operations.

Knee & Hip Injuries

Knees and hips are incredibly susceptible to joint pain. If you’ve sustained an injury or have advanced arthritis in your hips or knees, we can remedy the problem. With our revolutionary minimally invasive surgeries or knee or hip replacements, we help eliminate chronic pain, boost mobility, and improve your quality of life.

Foot & Ankle Injuries

Nearly 1/4 of the body’s bones can be found in the feet and ankles, making these body parts subject to musculoskeletal injuries. When your feet or ankles endure this kind of pain, it can hinder your range of motion and daily activities. With our cutting-edge operations, we seek to rid you of any discomfort and correct issues that restrict your movements.

Fracture Care

Bone fractures can be debilitating and unpleasant. It’s essential to get yourself checked out if you suspect that you’ve broken or fractured a bone. Using our proven techniques, we’ll conduct a thorough examination to identify the problem. From there, we’ll provide the necessary treatment to restore strength and mobility to the area.

Contact a Montgomery Orthopedic Surgeon

At Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, we’re committed to providing advanced solutions and compassionate care. To learn more about our orthopedic surgeries, contact us today.


To schedule an appointment, please call us Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5 pm, at (732) 238-8800. You can also message us here. We look forward to meeting you!

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