Hand and Upper Extremity Operations


Nearly 50 painful conditions can affect the hand and upper extremities. Producing pain and loss of movement, they cause impairment of function and decrease in sensation.

Treating Upper Extremity Injuries with Surgery

The latest surgical methods can relieve pain and restore or preserve the proper functioning of shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands. Operations that can alleviate and restore function in upper extremities include these:

Fracture Surgery

A fall or a blow to the forearm, upper arm, collarbone or elbow can create a fracture that may require surgery. Symptoms of severe pain, swelling, loss of mobility and tenderness may indicate a break.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

When nonsurgical procedures fail to produce relief, shoulder arthroscopy may provide treatment that repairs the rotator cuff, ligaments or recurring dislocation. Arthroscopy is a versatile method for removing bone spurs, loose cartilage and inflamed tissue.

Shoulder Replacement

Severe fractures, arthritis and long-standing rotator cuff injuries are among conditions that can benefit from shoulder replacement. Surgical procedures can replace a damaged shoulder blade, collarbone or upper arm bone with a prosthesis. Reverse shoulder replacement offers options that can improve conditions that occur from large tears in the rotator cuff.

Golf and Tennis Elbow

Lifting heavy objects repeatedly and using heavy tools can create a common condition similar to one that tennis players experience. Ordinary tasks such as gardening, using a computer, painting and using vibrating tools can cause golfer’s elbow. Small incisions allow surgeons access to damaged tissue.

Elbow Arthroscopy

Releasing scar tissue, resurfacing a worn bone or removing loose bodies around the elbow may require elbow arthroscopy. The procedure can relieve painful stiffness in the elbow.

Using Surgery to Repair Problems in Wrists and Hands

Any of the 27 bones that support the hand can suffer a fracture from a sports injury, a fall or a blow and require surgery. Other operations that can return the wrist and hand to proper function include these:

Wrist Joint Replacement

Degenerative disease or a traumatic injury may require surgery that allows a prosthesis to replace damage to the wrist.

Wrist Arthroscopy

Technology allows surgeons to use a tiny camera and small tools to see and repair ligament tears and other conditions.

Carpal Tunnel Release

A surgical operation can repair damage to nerves in the wrist that cause severe pain from swelling and irritation.

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