November 6, 2020

When Should You Worry About Lower Back Pain

Everyone, at some point in their life, experiences lower back pain, whether mild or severe. We don’t always know when the pain requires medical attention, or just some stretches and painkillers. Many practices can help you get rid of that irritating back tenderness.

Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates is a practice made up of highly trained physicians. Their physicians’ team is experienced in spine surgery, hand and upper extremity, orthopedic trauma surgery, and orthopedic foot and ankle surgery.

Below are signs that you may need to have your back checked by a professional:

Sudden Sharp Pain

Have you noticed that it is sharp and sudden instead of dull, continuous back pain when your lower back hurts? This can signify a serious problem, such as a torn tendon, muscle, or ligament. It can also indicate that an internal organ on the lower backside of your body has a problem. Most patients who report sudden sharp pain have severe conditions such as herniated disks, compression fractures, and spasms of the spine’s sensitive muscles.

If the Pain Radiates

When you have lower back pain, does it radiate to other parts of your body, such as the legs and arms? It would be best to have your back checked since this can indicate a serious nerve compression condition. Radiating pain can be caused by various conditions, such as muscle or ligament strains, radiculopathy, arthritis, fractures, and infections.

Weakness in the Limbs

Do you feel sudden weakness in your legs and hands? It may call for immediate medical attention as it is a sign of compressed nerves from conditions such as spinal stenosis. In worse cases, when leg weakness is prolonged, it can indicate an imminent stroke. Leg weakness is also associated with cauda equina syndrome when the weakness occurs together with numbness and incontinence.

Urinary Incontinence

Incontinence is a condition that occurs when you are unable to control the urinary sphincter muscles. If the back pain is combined with the inability to control bowel and bladder movement, it can indicate a serious spinal infection. It can also mean severe nerve compression, with both of these conditions likely to escalate if medical assistance is not sought.

Numbness in the Groin Area

Have you been having a numb feeling around your groin, which feels like piercing from pins and needles? This condition is called saddle anesthesia and can signify a severe nerve problem or spine infection in the lower back.

Contact Us Today

If your lower back hurts, and you have experienced any of the above signs, you must get your body checked by professionals. Our team at Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates is trained to alleviate back in every way possible. Contact Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates today and have your lower back restored by the best!

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