October 1, 2018

How to Tell if Your Sports Injury Requires Treatment

If you’re an athlete, there’s always at least a small chance of you getting hurt. In the blink of an eye, you could suddenly twist an ankle or pull a muscle. While minor bruises and scars often heal within a few days, more serious injuries will require medical attention. 

Here are some signs that your sports injury needs treatment.

Injured Area is Swollen

When dealing with a slight joint injury, it’s not uncommon to experience mild swelling. Applying an ice pack to the area is the first step in the healing process. However, serious swelling will likely require a trip to the doctor. You may have fractured a bone or torn a ligament.

You Can’t Bear Weight

After sustaining a serious injury, there’s a good chance you’ll start to hobble. Trouble bearing weight is a clear indication that you need treatment. In certain instances, you may need the help of your teammates in order to walk. From dislocated ankles to ACL tears, there are a number of different injuries that can occur to your lower extremities.

Bone Sticking Through the Skin

Seeing your bone protruding through the skin can be a horrifying sight. This is called an open fracture. It’s a major injury that you can’t treat at home. You may even notice blood draining out. Because there is a potential for an infection to occur, a trip to the emergency room is necessary. An orthopedic surgeon must surgically repair the wound.

Experiencing the Signs of a Nerve Injury

Keep an eye out for the signs of a nerve injury. Severe numbness and tingling could indicate the need for immediate treatment. If you can’t move your body in a certain direction, nerve damage is a real possibility. Some people may actually encounter a complete lack of sensation. Spine injuries should always be taken very seriously.

Unbearable Pain

Excruciating pain can bring even the toughest athlete to their knees. Attempting to play through the extreme discomfort is certainly not a good idea. To be on the safe side, get evaluated by a medical professional. Failing to properly treat the injury may lead to further damage.

Never ignore the signs of a problematic sports injury. Mid Atlantic Orthopedic will help you to get back on the field of play. Our experienced doctors treat a wide range of different injuries. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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