Foot and Ankle Operations

The feet and ankles are subject to a considerable number of musculoskeletal injuries, partly due to the fact that a quarter of the body's bones are located here and partly because all of these bones are put to regular use by most people. Foot and ankle operations can refer to a variety of procedures. Bones can break, and muscles can be strained or torn. Dislocations can even occur in ankles and feet.

Hammertoes, which happen when toes curl, usually causing their knuckles to rub on shoes, sometimes need to be fixed with surgery. Morton's neuroma, a thickening of nerve tissues at the base of the third and fourth toes, can also usually be relieved with surgery if other treatment methods have not helped. The same is true for bunions, which are lumps that can develop at the base of the big toe.

The Achilles tendon can be the source of issues in this part of the body as well. Most commonly seen here is Achilles tendonitis, which is the inflammation of this tendon. Fortunately, this tends to resolve relatively quickly. However, in some cases, Achilles tendinosis can result instead. In this case, the Achilles tendon starts changing its structure; the tendon rupturing could also take place.

Arthritis can also occur in the feet and ankles. If surgery is necessary to treat this, the surgeon will clean or replace the affected joint or joints, removing the previously painful motion that had existed.

Are you at risk?

If you are over 50 or are regularly on your feet due to work or any other reason, your risk factor for ankle and feet issues is increased. Age is a factor with arthritis, and it also affects other things like hammertoes. Meanwhile, the wear and tear of using your feet and ankles on a regular basis can lead to overuse injuries. Athletes and others can also suffer sudden injuries such as broken ankles or feet.

If you are suffering from any ankle or feet problems, give us a call today to schedule an evaluation, and we will speak with you about your situation and whether surgery is the best route to take. Do contact us as soon as you experience issues as some of these situations can escalate quickly.

What can we do?

Sometimes, taking care of your feet and ankles is not enough as many of the issues affecting these parts of your body will have likely occurred regardless of anything that you could have done. Fortunately, we are here to help you get back on your feet, whether that involves surgery or simpler measures.

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