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Dear Dr. Sieler,

I enjoyed reading the enclosed article about you in the RWJ Barnabas University Hospital “Breakthroughs” publication which comes to my home. It served as a reminder that I had wanted to send you a letter of thanks for the kind, and thorough and reassuring care you provided to me last July. Although my injury was commonplace, simple, and relatively minor compared to the Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome (PAES) described in this article, I am nonetheless grateful for your expertise and treatment.

Having been a patient of Dr. Kirschenbaum, (you might remember me as his “large-fatty-lipoma-in-the-upper-left-arm-lady”) I contacted the office after sustaining two fractures in my wrist and banged up my knee. Reaching Joan, I was advised to come into the office immediately as the wrist needed to be immobilized. Joan presented herself as the consummate professional and clearly knowledgeable about her work and protocols. She could not have been more helpful and managed to schedule me for the first available appointment the next day.

I so much appreciated your time and patience in giving me a clear explanation and diagnosis of my injury. This was matched by your most gentle touch in putting the temporary splint on my arm and checking for any potential further injury to my knee beyond some obvious bruising. Although all this was probably as routine and mundane a procedure in your practice as could be, I, as the patient, was still very worried and concerned. Your sincere interest in my well-being greatly put me to ease. My follow-up appointment brought me back to Dr. Kirschenbaum for an x-ray and casting, as you accurately predicted.

I would like to say that none of my experience in your office should be surprising as the expert treatment provided to me by your colleague, Dr. Kirschenbaum, has been exemplary in every way. It is no wonder that all three doctors in your practice have been acknowledged as “Top Doctors” in NJ! It is my hope that none of you will lose =sight of that “personal touch” you are clearly committed to providing. To us patients, this really does matter!

At present, my wrist has healed and I am back to full use, comfort and flexibility. I hope you will take the time to share this note of appreciation with your staff; Craig, for his supportive concern, Joan, in particular, and Dr. Kirschenbaum, to who, I have previously extended my sincere thanks but think he might appreciate hearing about my present full recovery. Thank you, again.

Yours Truly,

Read the Article:Vascular Surgery: Second Opinion Leads to Rare Discovery” in the RWJ Barnabas University Hospital “Breakthroughs” publication

Patient – D.S.
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