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It is quite common to experience some type of orthopedic issues at some point in life, including back or shoulder pain. To make sure that problems are treated effectively, it is essential to work with an experienced orthopedist. If you live in East Brunswick, Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates will be able to help. These experts provide top care to New Jersey residents.

Common Orthopedic Issues Facing New Brunswick Residents

Whether a person plays sports, has been injured, or is experiencing the side effects of aging, there are a number of orthopedic problems that can strike him or her.

  • Rotator Cuff Tear: Millions of individuals seek medical assistance for shoulder problems. One of the most common causes of pain is a torn rotator cuff. The rotator cuff includes the tendons and muscles around the upper arm, and it keeps the joint stable. A traumatic event or repetitive motion can cause the area to tear. Symptoms include pain during overhead activities, difficulties lifting, and restricted range of motion.
  • Hip Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis affects over 30 million Americans. It is most likely to strike your hips when you are old, overweight, or have had an injury that led to damage. It occurs as wear and tear causes your hip's cartilage to erode. Eventually, bones begin to rub. Extreme pain is often felt, which causes a person to limp or stop moving.
  • Tennis Elbow: Tennis Elbow is not limited to people who play tennis. It affects anyone who performs repetitive arm movements. It causes pain to flow down your hand, which makes gripping or wrist extension uncomfortable. As activity persists, small tears begin in the area's tendons. Without proper healing, inflammation occurs. Although ice and OTC anti-inflammatories may help, medical treatment may be necessary for extreme problems.
  • Lower Back Pain: The lower spine is the center of your body's strength and mobility. When something is wrong in this area, you may be unable to stand or walk without pain. Problems may stem from sprains, strains, or aging. An orthopedist will assess your condition and suggest the best course of action.

The Benefits of Seeking Treatment for Orthopedic Issues

A number of people wait too long to seek help for their orthopedic issues. However, doctors explain that this can lower the chances of having a full recovery. If you consult with an orthopedist early, it may be possible for easy treatment, including lifestyle changes, physical therapy, or medicine. At this point, less invasive surgeries may be possible as well. Even if a person waits, an orthopedist will be able to restore a better quality of life. Many patients are able to return to the activities that they love.

Reasons to Work with Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates

When you want to receive care from orthopedic experts who have been trained to deal with a variety of conditions, you should consult with Mid Atlantic. Whether you are experiencing spine problems, foot pain, or other orthopedic trauma, these professional are ready to help. If you live in East Brunswick, NJ, do not hesitate to schedule a appointment. They work with all insurance carriers so that you receive the best care possible. For more information, contact Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP today.

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