The Importance of Seeing an Orthopedist for Your Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder joint allows some of your greatest movements. Problems in the use of your shoulder joint cause restrictions in leading a full and productive life. Learn how orthopedic treatments offer hope and healing to many shoulder injuries and conditions.

Complex Shoulder Anatomy

Your shoulder joints deserve specialized care because of their complex construction. These joints are where the humerus, scapular and clavicle bones meet. They are held together by a group of four muscles called the rotator cuff. Ligaments provide support between the bone structures. Problems can arise within any part of these structures.

Common Shoulder Problems

Injuries to the shoulder are either acute (sudden onset) or chronic (ongoing) in nature.

Acute injuries include:

Chronic Problems:

Shoulder Injury Treatments

Though a short period of self-care is reasonable, professional orthopedic help must be sought if problems persist. Ignoring such problems will only make the situation worse.

Treatments include: 

Invest in the healing of your shoulder by calling on the experts of Mid-Atlantic Orthopedic Associates. Our compassionate, skilled physicians are board-certified and focus on individualized, specialized care. Contact Mid-Atlantic Orthopedic Associates as a step toward regaining optimum health and range of motion.

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