Signs You May Need Hip Replacement Surgery

Does the use of a walking aid like a cane no longer alleviate your hip pain? Do you find yourself losing mobility and sleep because of joint stiffness? If you can’t seem to get rid of pain, even when you are inactive, resting or in humid weather, it may be time to talk to your doctor about hip replacement surgery.

Hip replacement surgery is about more than just revealing pain. There are many health risks of not treating damages that may have occurred in your hip joint. If you decide to ignore the pain, it can escalate to something more serious, like a major fracture or even cracked bones.

Before surgery, there are plenty of conservative treatments that can help to alleviate your pain. Taking pain relievers, like anti-inflammatory drugs to soothe the pain, along with walking aids like canes or walkers, are all ways to try to make your hip pain bearable. Participating in physical therapy can help make your movements hurt less. Although mobility may be hindered, physical therapy can assist in getting rid of any soreness that occurs from remaining in one position for too long.

But how do you know if what you are feeling is severe enough for surgery?

Certain conditions can make surgery necessary, regardless of how careful you are. These conditions are rheumatoid arthritis, osteonecrosis and osteoarthritis, etc. Although these conditions cause you pain, they also cause a list of side effects that tell you that you need to have surgery. If you have any of the following , it could be a good idea to call your doctor.

Besides the pain, hip replacement can be difficult to think about. It interferes with your daily life and leaves you suffering. The only long-term treatment is to get surgery, and if you have any, or even, a majority of these symptoms, you should strongly consider looking for a trusted physician to see if hip replacement surgery is best for you.

One such place here in New Jersey is the Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, where the physicians work hard to not only endure extensive training, but to keep learning, as they strive to be the best expert physicians they can be. To learn what they can do for you, contact Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, because they are “dedicated to providing the most advanced and compassionate care!”

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