Most Common Injuries in the Summer

Warm days and sunny skies entice us to be outside. The long days of summer give us an excuse to stay outside for long periods of time doing all sorts of activities. Swimming, hiking, biking, running, boating and gardening are just some of the activities that you can enjoy during the summer months. Of course, with any physical activity, there is the potential to injure yourself. Here are some of the most common injuries that can occur during the summer.

Bicycle Injuries

Biking is great exercise and is a lot of fun. Before riding, be sure to stretch. Put on safety gear, most importantly, a helmet, as it can help to prevent serious head injuries from occurring. Use safety precautions as you ride, especially if you will be riding on a road. Bike accidents that involve a vehicle can be fatal.

Swimming Injuries

Serious injuries that could be potentially fatal can happen when swimming. As a rule, when swimming in a pool or any body of water where you are unsure of the depth, do not dive in! Jump into water feet first in shallow water also. If a storm begins, get out of the water immediately. If there are lifeguards, pay attention to their instructions. Also, if you are swimming with young children, keep them in your line of vision. Swimming with a buddy rather than alone is a safer option.

Playground Injuries

Taking your kids to the playground is a great way to have some fun together. But it stops being fun when you or your kids get hurt. As you and your children play, monitor the area. Steer your kids away from equipment that appears to be malfunctioning or dangerous in any way. Also, make sure there is a rubber ground covering to help ensure your kids’ safety. Be careful when playing around concrete as it may cause serious injuries.

Water Sport Injuries

In summer, it can be fun to spend the days jet skiing, wakeboarding or tubing. However, these activities come with the risk of injury. The best way to prevent an injury is to put on any necessary safety gear, such as a safety vest, as well as warming up before going out on the water. You will also want to prepare yourself for spending long hours in the sun by applying sunscreen and bringing lots of water to prevent dehydration.

While you and your family enjoy your playtime outdoors this summer, make sure that you stay safe. If you experience any injuries to your spine, ankles, feet, knees, or hands, seek the help of

an orthopedic specialist. Contact Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP today!

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