Best Ways to Protect Your Body as the Weather Gets Cooler

Fall is here and that’s good news. The changing leaves, the crisp air, the start of a new school year and, of course, the holidays are all great reasons to look forward to this season. Remember, though, that as the weather cools down, we once again need to begin figuring out ways to stay warm. Here are some unique tips and tricks for keeping your body temperature up in the cold.


Obviously it’s important to dress in warm clothing during the cooler seasons, especially if you’re going outside. This means warms hats, preferably ones that protect the ears, coats, jackets, gloves, heavy socks and boots. One thing you can do to add some extra heat to your wardrobe is to keep hand warmers inside your pockets, and whenever you feel your fingers getting stiff just stick them inside.


Compared to you, your house is big, which means there are more places where heat can escape. In order to counteract this, try using pool noodles to block drafts underneath door frames. Also, baking is a great way to warm up your house while getting some cookies in the bargain. Another tip (and this one may surprise you) is to turn on your ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are known to generate air circulation on hot and stuffy days, but they can also be used to keep the heat in your house from floating to the ceiling by blowing it back down. This makes more sense when you consider that warm air rises while cold air sinks.


Finally, when it comes to staying warm, it’s a good idea to start with warming your body itself. To keep your internal body temperature up, make sure you’re eating enough food, as running your metabolism is like turning on a heater in your own body, and the cold hits you the worst when you’re hungry. It’s also important to increase your circulation in chilly weather, so make sure to stretch, get some exercises and spend time in the shower. When you shower, alternate between hot and cool water several times, as the changing temperatures helps move your blood around your body, relaxing your muscles and warming you up at the same time.

Fall and Winter are beautiful seasons of the year, but they often get a bit of a bad reputation for one main reason: The cold. Therefore, follow this advice and make a plan for staying warm, and you can enjoy the best parts of these seasons in comfort. Contact Mid Atlantic Orthopedic for your orthopedic needs today!

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