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Six Signs You Should Have Your Knee Checked Out by an Orthopedic

The knee is by far one of the most used and abused joints in the entire body. So, a little bit of knee pain is expected. For most people, this pain is manageable. However, for some people, the knee becomes a constant source of agony or worry, and it’s time for medical help. If you’ve been worried about your knee lately, here are six signs that indicate it might be time to seek orthopedic help.

Constant Pain

The most common sign that there is something wrong with your knee is pain. It is normal to experience knee pain once in a while. But, knee pain that is stronger, constant, makes it hard to walk or sleep or interferes with your ability to live and function means it’s time to seek medical help.

Knee Deformity

If your knee is starting to look deformed in any way, do not hesitate any longer. Deformities could indicate a fracture, dislocation or some other injury that requires immediate treatment.

Swelling, Redness or Tenderness

A joint that is inflamed is usually harboring a serious injury or infection. Swelling, redness and tenderness to the touch are three common symptoms of problems like these.


A lack of feeling or sensation can also indicate a serious problem. If your knee is numb to the touch, it could indicate nerve damage to the area or damage to the nerves that pass through. Because nerve damage often means there are other factors at work, it definitely needs to be checked out.

Reduced Motion

Your knee is supposed to be flexible and easily movable. If you have long-term reduced motion, then there could be a number of things going on, including swelling, infection, bone damage or ligament issues.

Reduced Weight Capacity

Knees take a beating, supporting most of our body weight in the process. If your knee can no longer support you, your quality of life could severely suffer. When this happens, it’s past time to consult a medical professional

If you are experiencing one or more of these problems, don’t let it go another day. Contact Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates today so we can help restore your knee to its full use!

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