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Are You At Risk For Knee Injury?

The knee is one of the most common body parts to be injured. Even if you are extremely careful, you still could be at risk for knee injuries depending on how active you are and if you have any pre-existing conditions. Let’s take a look at what could put you at risk for knee injuries.

Top Ways to Injure Your Knees

  • Improper Training

    Whether you are an athlete now or you were 20 years ago, improper training will put you at risk for knee injuries. Training at the gym and using the equipment the wrong way or training for any sport using the wrong movements can easily lead to a knee injury in the future. Improper training will make ligaments weaker and put you at a high risk for an ACL tear, which will lead to surgery and a long recovery.

  • Overuse

    Playing sports or having a very active job can lead to overusing your knees. Any sport, especially contact sports, can have negative effects on your knees. Jobs that involve heavy lifting can put a strain on your knees and make them weaker over time. Being involved in these activities every single day means that you are probably severely overusing your knees, which can lead to injuries later in life.

  • Osteoporosis

    If you have osteoporosis, you are at risk for injuring your knees and other bones in your body. Osteoporosis basically means that your bones are weak. While someone without osteoporosis may fall down and be perfectly fine, those with osteoporosis may break a bone from such an impact. If you have osteoporosis, you need to be very careful.

  • Torn ACL or Meniscus

    If you have had a torn ACL or meniscus at one point in your life, you are at a higher risk for knee injuries later in life. A torn ACL or meniscus can make the knees very weak over time, especially if you have had more than one surgery to correct the problem. If you have had either one of these injuries, you should be very careful with your knees.

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