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What is the Best Surface to Run On?

The natural instinct of most runners is to head off on whatever surface is nearby. That could be the green grass of the neighborhood park, the wood chips that make up a local trail, the roads of the marathon that you've been training for, the sidewalks of your busy neighborhood or even the moving belt of a treadmill as you look out at snowy conditions or an electric thunderstorm making its way through the area. What many runners don't consider is what impact the surface that they run on has on their feet and knees, which is especially significant when you consider that you will generally accumulate at least a thousand steps for every mile that you run. Although the specifics differ depending on things like pace and weight, a considerable amount of force is being put through your feet and knees throughout your runs. First, let's look at what...
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Most Common Orthopedic Injuries

Each day, Your body makes a variety of movements. As bone, muscles, ligaments, and tendons become worn and damaged, you may develop certain ailments that require orthopedic care. At Mid Atlantic, we specialize in the recovery process. Here are three of the most common injuries that occur from sporting accidents, aging, or everyday activities. Ankle Sprains Your ankle connects your leg and foot. When you twist or bend your ankle in the wrong way, a sprain may happen. This can occur as a result of playing sports, wearing inappropriate footwear, or lack of flexibility. Although a mild injury will get better with rest, a more serious problem may require orthopedic care. You may need to wear a brace or cast and undergo physical therapy to help regain your strength. In severe cases, you may need some type of surgical treatment. If a doctor suspects that you have loose pieces of...
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